Science only makes an impact if it is used.
And the most effective way to get science used is to engage stakeholders.

This is a knowledge sharing platform between two groups of experts:

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Social science experts in participatory research & stakeholder engagement who want to help make science more relevant and responsive to society. The goal of this community is to employ their expertise to knowledge co-production and exchange in support of environmental research and actions.

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Earth and environmental scientists seeking to design research projects with greater impact on society and the environment. Members of this community are interested in learning about and using participatory approaches in their efforts to address environmental problems. The content may also benefit natural resource managers, small and medium enterprises in the Green Economy, and those who use the land and its resources.

International Summer School: Concepts and tools to engage in knowledge co-production and public participation
19th - 23st June 2017 | ISEG – Lisbon, Portugal
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