Welcome to the “Tools for Participatory Science” topic contribution form. The “hint” text you currently find in most of the form fields below are suggestions designed to guide you and help make your contribution consistent with others on the wiki. You can fill out the fields directly, or download these suggestions and prepare your responses to for all the fields to be pasted into the form. We have also provided a few examples that may help you organize your input.

Some topics may require more detail than is requested by this form. In these cases, please provide a succinct summary in the form fields and feel free to upload a file with the more detailed description of this topic at the end of the form.


What is it?
Brief description. This should always start with a single, concise sentence defining the topic e.g., “A topic-xyz is …”

What is needed?
Please provide a list for each of the following:

  • Materials needed
  • Necessary logistics
  • Essential skill-set or expertise required

Is special expertise required?

How to
Please provide the following, as appropriate for this topic:

  • Implementation steps (ordered “How to” steps)
  • Validation/verification
  • Data capture (How information will be recorded)
  • Data analysis (How results will be analyzed/summarized)
  • Data management (Privacy/confidentiality — How rights of participants are ensured)
  • Testing (a statement on how to test or pilot the method prior to going live)

Good practice tips
Please provide the following, as appropriate for this topic:

  • Do’s (things that can enhance the potential for success)
  • Don'ts (what to watch out for — common mistakes, potential pitfalls, inappropriate use)
  • Advantages and disadvantages Summarize possible benefits (or limitations) of this topic (in order to reduce the risk of misuse). This might include comparing/contrasting this topic with another.

Success stories
Brief description of a successful application of this topic (include web link if available).

To learn more

  • References (include a web link if available)
  • Other resources (e.g., useful manuals, etc.)
  • Please try to include references to original author publications on this topic

Related image
Optional. Please consider uploading a public domain image that you feel is representative of this topic.

Upload a file
Optional. If this topic requires a more detailed summary, please feel free to upload a file.

This is where some concluding words can go. Probably should have a note about authorship, and how that will be added automatically. It will be based on the author's profile on the site.

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